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Product Description

CERENIA was developed just for dogs. It is a safe and effective medicine that prevents vomiting caused by motion sickness, and it works very well with a success rate of up to 93%! Dogs get motion sickness either because they are anxious while traveling or because their balance is affected by movement. In either case, CERENIA blocks vomiting signals, which prevents dogs from getting sick.

Product Information
This product is made by Zoetis.
Active Ingredients
Directions for User
Do not feed your dog for 1 hour before giving CERENIA. The best time to give CERENIA is 2 hours before traveling, with a small amount of food. Do not wrap the tablets tightly in fatty food such as cheese or meat, since this may keep the tablets from dissolving and delay the effect of CERENIA. Follow your veterinarian's instructions for giving CERENIA to your dog before traveling. You can give your dog CERENIA once a day for up to 2 days in a row.
Special Precautions
CERENIA has been given with many other commonly used medicines. But before treating your dog with CERENIA, be sure your veterinarian is aware of all medicines your dog is receiving. Use as directed.