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Neutricks® Soft Chews for Dogs


Item No. 3006519
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  • 60 count

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Product Description

Neutricks is a chewable tablet for senior dogs to help improve brain function, mental agility, and cognitive focus.

Product Information
As dogs age they lose calcium-binding proteins that protect their brain cells. This protein loss affecte their ability to learn, retain memories, think and concentrate. Neutricks® (apoaequorin) replaces these proteins and helps protect cells during this natural process of aging.
Active Ingredients
Neutricks contains apoaequorin and is a scientifically proven chewable supplement for your dog's cognitive health. Apoaequorin is a jellyfish protein and the same ingredient found in human memory supplements that may significantly improve memory.
Directions for User
Directions for use: Dogs under 40lb: 1 tablet daily Dogs 41-80 lb: 2 tablets daily Dogs over 80 lb: 3 tablets daily One bottle of Neutricks contains 60 flavored chewable tablets.
Special Precautions
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